Saturday, 10 August 2013

Viruses and Hexagons!

Poor Miss H has been sick with a virus since Wednesday but is all better now.

Miss H has decided to start a hexagon quilt, she has seen lots of people on blogs making hexagons and she wants to try.

Unfortunately Spotlight only had 1 1/2" hexagons and she only wants 1" hexagons for her quilt. So she decided to make a cushion with some scraps first while she looks for 1" hexagons. 

 These are the hexagons.

Look at the coolio scraps Miss H has chosen. She has gone dotty!!!

The Mother made Miss H a pouch to carry her hexagons around in.

Look at the COOLIO zip! It is from Fee's Shabby Shack. I absolutely love it and so does Miss H!!!

Baa. xxx

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  1. If you can find an old Creative Memories consultant, she might be able to find you a hexagon punch that makes hexies ranging from 3/8" to 1 1/2". That's what I've used for mine! Good luck!