Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Grandma's Present!

Hello Peeps,

Miss H made a present for Grandma from the same fabrics that the Mother made Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt from.

Yes, Miss H did finish it in time for Grandma's Garden Quilt on August 29th, but she didn't have time to take a picture of it before she gave it to her.

She used the pattern "Give Thanks" by Sugarlane Designs. 

Look at the coolio stitching Miss H did.

Hanging in the tree.

A whole post without a picture of me!!!   What is the world coming to?!?!
Pop by on Sunday for another post - which will definitely have me in it!

Have a great day.
Love from, 
Baa. xxx


  1. Lovely work...this project, like many others, is on my "to do" list. Poor Baa, stuck behind the scenes ;)

  2. so wrapt to see Miss H stitch my design.... and she's done soooo well.....I'm sure Grandma loved it! xox sugary hugs