Monday, 28 October 2013

To the South Island and Beyond...

 Hello Peeps,

Sorry for not blogging for awhile, I have been on an adventure to the South Island.  Neither Miss H nor I had been there before and we both agree it is SO much prettier than the North Island.

 We flew down to Christchurch for a friend of the Mothers birthday party and then we drove a campervan all the way back up to Auckland. We had five days.

 At the Orana Wildlife Park.

 We had so much fun feeding the giraffes and seeing all the other animals. The otters were really funny.

 The Kaikoura coast is beautiful. We went whale watching in Kaikoura and saw a sperm whale and a blue whale. There are only 2,000 blue whales in the whole world and I got to see one. 

 The Remarkables.

 This was my seat the whole way. Best seat in the van.

Miss H recently got a new lens. She had fun trying it out.

How many seals can you find?

 This place is a nursery for baby seals. They play there while their mothers are in the ocean finding food. There were 7 the day we went. Two fighting, one fast asleep, and the others playing in the water.

 The scenery was amazing. This is in the Queen Charlotte Sounds.

 Picton is where you catch the ferry from the South Island to Wellington (the capital) in the North Island.
Just recently the North Island and the South Island have become the official names of the two islands, they have always been called that but they were never official. Also they have been given official Maori names as well. Their Maori names are Te Ika-a-Māui (the fish of Maui) for the North Island and Te Waipounamu (the water(s) of greenstone) for the South Island

There was chocolate cake on the ferry. Delish-ous!

 Yes, Miss H, I can read. But I'm SPECIAL so I can sit here!

Nearly at "sunny" Wellington. 

 Miss H, please don't let me fall...


Driving home on the last day. I was a VERY tired sheepie.

  They thought I was fast asleep so they tried to sneak some M&M's. As if I wouldn't know when there was chocolate around. Mmmmm... yummy.

We all had such a COOLIO time. I can't wait until my next adventure. 

Baa. xxx

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