Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Day of Packing Surprises!

 Hello Peeps,

Today was another day of packing up the house. And while The Mother was tidying up the Bottomless Cupboard she found some treasures. 

Look at the pretty cross stitching in the frame.

The Mother stitched it many, many years ago. 

Isn't this such a coolio picture? (Are those Peeps in my picture..?)

 I wonder if I will ever meet any mice who can sew...

The Mother made a very pretty pouch last week. She used some linen and an old doily.

This is how the back looks. The Mother sewed it down in rays so the back would look coolio too.

Packing is sooooo boring for an adventurous sheepie like me. Miss H and the Mother don't have time for any adventures...

...so I borrowed Miss H's iPod and listened to some of The Rocket Summer. 

Love From

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