Monday, 24 March 2014

Packing, tidying, and basketball!

 Dear Peeps,

We have been busy packing, tidying and more tidying for the last few weeks.

 Peep-a-boo! Hiding in among the banana boxes so I don't have to help tidy.

Then the banana boxes get packed on the trailer and put into storage. Onward my chariot!

More scaffolding... this time to paint the window frames. Can I please come down now?

They used the Chocolate Counselor's Super-Duper vacuum cleaner to polish the wooden floors. 

I will miss our wonderful fruit trees. Especially the pears! 

 This is a picture of Miss H's bedroom after it has been staged by a friend.

 I insisted that I should be on the bed for the staging. I mean, don't I look perfect sitting on the bed reading?  Sadly I was over-ruled...

...and banished (yes, they banished me!!!) to the top of  the shelf

Where I found Miss H's first day cover of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Isn't it so COOLIO?! 

Finally, I went on an adventure last Friday to the basketball. We watched the NZ Breakers (the ones in black.), sadly they lost. But it was fun because it was CJ Bruton's last game for the club and the whole stadium was cheering for him. He is one of my favourite basketball players.

Love From

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  1. Your room looks great. Not that it wasn't perfect before the staging! Plant more fruit trees and I will come over and make pie with you!