Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Miss H got skinny - until she ate the chocolate...

Dear Peeps,

Miss H's Skinny Pinny arrived today!!! Yay!

Look at all the goodies that were sent with the skinny pinny. Thank you!!!

Sheepie Heaven!

Mmmmmmmm... it smells so good!!!

Here is the skinny pinny. Miss H ABSOLUTELY loves it.

The lovely lady also sent an April Showers charm pack - which Miss H couldn't stop looking at - she thinks it's so COOLIO! Miss H has already planned what to do with it.

Me and my Peeps!  Aren't they the CUTEST!?

I made five new best friends - my Peeps. Then Miss H told me she was going to eat them.  I couldn't let that happen - she can't eat my friends!!! So I rescued them...

Fly free my Peeps! FLY FREE!

Thank you sooooooo very much to the wonderful lady who got Miss H as her swap partner. Miss H has been smiling all day.

Love From

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