Sunday, 9 March 2014

Grandmother's House.

Hello Peeps,

We went to Grandma's house on Saturday. Miss H and I had lots of fun while The Mother and The Boss were painting.  Grandma's house is the BEST!

Yummy! Ginger crunch.  Can I eat them all? Please!

Miss H loves to help Grandma with her jigsaw puzzle. 

 Argh! Jigsaw puzzles confuse me! I'm all in pieces!!!

Licorice allsorts.  Mmmmmm!   Grandma ALWAYS has a jar fill of them. 

Grandma loves gardening.  Look at her beautiful pot plants.

Grandma has a beautiful path around the side of her house.

Can you spot me?

Here I am! 

Further round the path is her flower garden. I LOVE Grandma's house. It is soooo pretty.

Love From

(And guess what? This is my 50th post!  Wow!)

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  1. Baa your trip to Grandma's house looks like it was sooo much fun. Grandma's are always supposed to have cookies and candy.