Saturday, 15 March 2014

No more Flour!

Hello Peeps, 

Miss H and the Mother were given the opportunity to work at a bakery on Wednesday. The bakery had a bulk order for 2,000 pizza bases and desperately needed help to make them all. Miss H and the Mother started at 9oclock in the morning and didn't finish until 7oclock at night - with only an hour lunch break. 

These are the the mounds of dough before they are flattened and then rolled out. Each pizza is hand made - so they aren't perfect circles.

Miss H had the job of putting holes in the pizza bases. LOTS and LOTS of holes! She had to roll the holes all over the pizzas because any space that didn't have a hole would puff up and that's no good for a flat pizza base.

Mmmmmm... pizza base stack!  These are what they look like after they have been cooked.

 I am the Pizza King!

 Then the pizzas had to be packed in threes before the bags were sealed and labeled.

Flour writing! 

I was one VERY tired sheepie after the bakery day.
Love From

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