Friday, 22 May 2015

A Posy, a mug, and a bear.

Hello Peeps,

It's late autumn here in New Zealand but...

...the flowers in Grandma's garden are looking lovely.  

Miss H made a pretty little posy of purple, red, and white flowers.
Several weeks ago, The Mother found her "beary" special Harrods mug had been broken while in storage. She was most upset.

After thinking about what to do with it for awhile she finally decided to glue it back together. Sadly it can't hold liquid anymore.
But I am a clever sheepie and I solved the problem for the Mother and gave one of her handmade bears a new home.

Now he sits happily in his special mug and sniffs his daffodil.

Love from
Baa. xxx


  1. What a great solution! Have a happy weekend! :) x

  2. I would say that's a perfect home for a little bear!

  3. What a good idea Baa. Pretty posy. xx

  4. Good solution. You could also probably put maybe a small plastic cup in it to hold water if you wanted to put some pretty posies in it.