Friday, 8 May 2015

Sweet Tooth and Selvage Edges.

Hello Peeps,

On Wednesday, we had some friends pop by and give us some delicious cupcakes, yummy biscuits, and scrumptious fudge. They are thinking of starting a business selling the food at night markets around Auckland.

Don't the cupcakes look yummy? They didn't last long in our house. Miss H had to hide these ones for her photos.

Mmmm... Peppermint and chocolate - two of my favourite things.

Oreo icing made this one divine.

This one had lemon in the center and meringue on top!
There was three kinds of fudge - normal fudge on the left, Russian fudge in the middle, and passion fruit fudge on the top right. Passion fruit fudge was soooo yummy!

 And the biscuits were yummy too! Chocolate cookies and a chocolate chip one! Yum!
Miss H has finally found something to do with her selvage edges.


She made colour coordinated stars out of the selvage edges. Aren't they coolio?
She just needs to make one more and then she will sew them up and make a wall-hanging or table runner.

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. I drooled all the way through those yummy treat pictures and decided I will take one of each please! Miss H had a brilliant idea for selvedges too.

  2. I swear I put on weight just reading your posts Baa :-) Those cupcakes looks so darn yummy & russian fudge is my all time favourite. In fact, all fudge is pretty nice in my book. Miss H is one verrryyy talented young lady. Those stars are amazing!!!

  3. You made me hungry looking at all those scrumptious goodies! The selvage stars look great.

  4. Trying to forget the yummy treats... this post should have started with a warning... Oh look! It DID! The stars look awesome, Miss H, are they going to be appliqued onto a background?

  5. Goodness, those cakes look so scrumptious! Good luck to the new business entrepreneur. xx

  6. Wow! Those cakes, biscuits and sweets all look fabulous.... I bet they were delicious! I love the selvage edge stars... a great way to use up every scrap of fabric! Can't wait to see the finished project! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  7. Oh your goodies look wonderful! Love the stars.