Saturday, 23 May 2015

Saturday Show: Flutterby

Hello Peeps,

The rain is pouring down outside and it is dark and cold downstairs. So Miss H had to photograph today's quilt on her window-seat (after removing the cushions and quilts on it!).

I think the quilt look great hung over the seat with me.

The Mother quilted two of the coloured lines with loop-de-loops, one with flowers, and one with hearts. She enjoyed practicing her machine quilting which she is not good at and always needs practice with.

Look! There's a pretty butterfly flying around on the coin quilt.

You would never know that these coolio butterflies were added to fix up a mistake. Heehee - shhh... don't tell the Mother I told you the secret...

This is the Mother's favourite binding. She has used it to bind lots of different quilts.

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Beautiful quilt! I love the colours and the butterflies are really a lovely touch! Hope you see the sun again soon! :) x

  2. Lovely colourful quilt and the butterflys are brilliant. xx

  3. Love the quilt and all the fabulous colors and the butterflies are fabulous! They are not a mistake they are a design choice.

  4. Now Baa - There are no mistakes in quilting - there are just additional design elements.

  5. What a gorgeous quilt, the Mother has been very busy!!

  6. That certainly is a very lovely quilt there Baa ... love the fabrics & colours together. And LOVE the butterflies too :-)