Monday, 18 May 2015

*Wish It Was Saturday* Saturday Show: Rhapsody In Blue

Hello Peeps,

As you might of guessed it is not Saturday anymore... oops! Where did the time go? Apparently it is Monday, but I didn't do a show on Saturday so we are going to pretend that it is still the weekend.

Today's quilt is a table-runner, but it has been given a new life hanging over the back of the reading chair.

The Mother made it out of a charm pack. Isn't the fabric coolio?

There is no batting in it because she wanted it lightweight for the table. It is just tied to the backing with alternating red and blue buttons.

The final border is made up of the left-over charm pack squares that were then cut into 2 1/2" squares.
The backing is plain black.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the reading chair has been taken over by the Enemy. It is HIS chair now (the only chair he is allowed to sit on).
He immediately jumps up onto the lap of whoever sits on it and makes himself comfortable.

The Enemy will do ANYTHING for a treat, unlike me...
Cupcake baked by Flower.
...err yes, of course, Miss H, I will clean your whole room for you - just please let me eat the cupcake!


  1. Well Baa I think you can have your "Saturday Shows" any day of the week you choose!!! I adore that quilt & think it makes a great chair cover. I also happen to adore that cushion on the reading chair :-) And that cupcake looks pretty delicious too :-)

  2. Love your quilt! I love the fabrics and the design! Your 'enemy' looks very like my two little dogs.... what breed is he? He looks really cute!! :) x

  3. The runner looks lovely hanging over the back of the chair. The Enemy looks very cute. But of course, he's not as cute as you, Baa!

  4. Simple but very effective. xx

  5. The Enemy is very cute which I suppose means he gets away with a lot. Hope you have a chair to call your own too!

  6. Very cute quilt.. Love the fabrics in it.