Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hexagon Quilt Update.

Hello Peeps,

A couple of years ago Miss H started a Grandmother's Garden quilt with one inch hexagons. She was inspired by a hexagon blog hop, the adorable hexagon quilts on Pinterest, and the wonderful Aunty M. After about 80 hexagon flowers, Miss H stopped and put it in the WIP pile.
But then a few weeks ago Aunty M showed a bunch of her lovely hexagon flowers and Miss H was inspired to continue her hexagon flowers.

Miss H first posted about the quilt here in August 2013.

Miss H has now stitched 112 hexagon flowers. The flower stack is taller than me now!!!

She loves the fabric. Especially the aqua flowers.

My favourite ones are the green and red ones, though.

There is also two pretty floral ones.

Miss H has used several different white on whites for the centre of each flower.

Ahhh, I love lying on a bed of flowers, Heehee!
Miss H still has a lot more flowers to make. She is going to keep making them until she runs out of fabric.
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Miss H's quilt will be amazing. She has used such pretty fabrics. Have a good weekend, Baa!

  2. Soooo beautiful Baa. I adore hexies. Miss H has used some lovely fabrics there - it will look gorgeous when its all done. And yes, the flower stack IS taller than you now :-)

  3. Runs out of fabric? You mean that happens? I always thought it was like dust bunnies and multiplied when you weren't looking.

  4. Gorgeous hexies. Love the colors she is using.

  5. Going to be a great quilt - like the magpie though I thought that running out of fabric was impossible! xx

  6. Beautiful hexagon flowers.... I can't wait to see the quilt!! I have some hexagon projects I want to get started on.... just have to find the time! Have a lovely weekend... hope you have some sunshine! :) x