Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend

Hello Peeps,

Last weekend was a special long weekend to celebrate the Queen's birthday, even though Queen Elizabeth was born on the 21st of April, which means that Monday was a holiday! YIPEE!

So on Monday the Boss, the Mother, Miss H, the Enemy, and I went for an adventure.

We had a lovely bush walk through the New Zealand bush and found lots of lovely things.

Look at the orange mushrooms.

This tall tree is a totara.

There was a helpful post with lots of information about the tree.

The Mother thought that the moss looked so pretty on the trees.

It was soooo lovely looking at the tree canopy.

This flower is a manuka flower and is where bees get manuka from to make manuka honey. 

There was this lovely horse on the farmland next to the bush who followed us for a while.

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. So glad you had such a lovely walk. We get our Queen's Birthday holiday this Monday.

  2. What lovely photographs! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! :) x

  3. Lovely photos, Baa. We have our long weekend this weekend.

  4. Looks like a lovely outing Baa .... it is great to get out into the bush when we can - we have such beautiful countryside here in New Zealand :-)

  5. Looks like a great walk - I hope you weren't scared of that really big horse though!

  6. I always wondered why Manuka honey was so called - thank you. Loots like a great walk. xx

  7. Looks like a lovely hike. Gorgeous foliage and flower.