Saturday, 6 June 2015

Saturday Show: Happy Days

Hello Peeps,

Today's quilt is one the Mother made from Clover &Violet's free embroidery tutorial, found here!

Aren't the colours sooo pretty!

This is one of my favourite ones. Isn't it very coolio?!

The Mother really enjoyed stitching all the beautiful stitcheries.

The Mother decided to hand quilt it with dark blue thread.

The Mother used the fabric on the right for most of the backing but it wasn't quite large enough, so she used a strip of the pink.
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. What a pretty little quilt! I love all the cute little stitcheries and the colours are lovely. The hand quilting adds an extra dimension too.... I love seeing hand quilting! Hope you have some sunshine this weekend! :) x

  2. What a clever mother you have little Baa. I love this quilt.

  3. What a pretty quilt. Love the embroideries.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt. Those little stitcheries are so sweet.

  5. Lovely quilt - pretty stitcheries and fabrics. xx

  6. Looking good Baa! Mother has done well.

  7. Such a pretty quilt, the stitcheries are beautiful and I love the fabrics! xx

  8. Hello Baa, just playing "catch up" - had no internet as a truck took out our power pole. Your quilt & the stitcheries are just beautiful, love them all :-)

  9. I think you should be most proud of Mother, Baa - she does lovely little quilts. I do hope you have one of your very own!!