Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Little Bee.

Hello Peeps,
For the past few months Miss H has been looking after a little girl called Little Bee on Mondays and Wednesdays. She takes her to Preschool in the morning and picks her up in the afternoon until her Mummy comes to pick her up. But this week is the last week because this Friday her new au pair arrived from Germany.
Miss H and Little Bee have had such fun. Each morning they would feed the ducks before walking to Preschool. This duck (who has affectionately been named Mr Ugly Duckling) was so tame that he would take the food right out of their hands!

Sometimes in the afternoon, Miss H would do a craft with Little Bee. This is the pretty hearts that Little Bee made with fabric scraps.

On Monday Miss H helped Little Bee to make some coolio bunting for her new au pair.
Love From
Baa. xxx 


  1. Oh how fun to be able to spend time with a child. Would love to do more with the grands, but too many of them at once with a huge age range.

  2. What fun Miss H and Little Bee have had together! Crafty projects are always so much better when they are shared! :) x

  3. How lovely Baa. Little B will certainly miss her time spent with Miss H & all the wonderful crafty projects they do together. Love that bunting they made :-) What a super way to welcome the new au pair.

  4. I wonder who will miss Little Bee the most Baa - Miss H or you.