Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Jumping June: Who's that under the blanket?

Hello Paw-Pals,

See I told you she had gone all ‘funny bunny’ on me….She found this lovely one in an op shop.  Isn’t he cute?!  I think she is gonna make him into a pincushion. 

The Mother loves his cute face!

Hmmm... I wonder who this adorable bedding is for? It is far too tiny for me...

Whose ears are those hiding beneath the blankets I wonder..?

Bunnies! Aren't they adorable?!
The Mother made two delicious, tasty, cute bunnies this month. The pink one is hers and the aqua one is for Miss H (of course!).

The Mother hasn't named them yet. Do you have any suggestions for names?  

I hope you are having a good week.

Slobbery Kisses,
From Snowy.


  1. Ooohhh the very first thing I thought of when I saw that eggcup was a pincushion!!! Great minds aye Snowy. I love the Mothers two rabbits & their little bedding. I think I would just call them Pinky & Aqua. Bibbity & Bobbity are cool names too but Bobbity might sound a bit boyish.

  2. Thank you for those slobbery kisses - my face definitely needed washing! A pincushion sounds like a perfect plan too - but you must be careful Snowy not to get any pins in your paws (or in your cute little button nose).

  3. The little bunny egg cup will make a perfect pincushion and I agree his face is really pretty. Slobbery kisses back from Poppy and Dexter your look-a-like doggy friends from England! x

  4. That little egg cup is going to make a beautiful pincushion and I adore your bunnies under wraps! xx

  5. A helpful bunny handing out pins when needed is a great idea! My suggestions for bunny names are Milicent & Beatrice (or Milly & Bea when they are telling each other stories while camping out on the bench!)

  6. The egg cup will make a wonderful pincushion.

  7. Your egg cup is gorgeous. I keep looking out for an old egg cup like that one at the op shops but never seem to find one. I love the two little bunnies with their blankets.

  8. This is truly some amazing creativity :)