Thursday, 30 June 2016

Jumping June: Matchbox Cats

Hello Peeps,

Welcome to the last day of Jumping June.

Today I want to show you a mistake of Miss H's which turned into some very cute cats.

Miss H attempted to use this pattern that she found on Wild Olive's blog from a guest poster. Unfortunately, Miss H wasn't paying much attention and she didn't have any pins... ooops. Though, judging by the coolio cats - it really was not a disaster. In fact, Miss H like them soooooo much she got carried away...

Here they are! Ahhhhhhhh! I am being overrun by matchbox-sized kittens!!!

Miss H drew the faces on with a special pen. These are the faces from the original pattern.

Then Miss H decided to give them some different faces...

I call this one Shock because it looks like he has been shocked by electricity.  Hee...hee...

This guy is Miss H's favourite. She thinks he would talk in a very posh voice.

Every cat fits perfectly into a matchbox. Though some of the cats are still waiting for Miss H to make them their home.


Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. What fun! I like these even better than the originals - especially with their cute little faces. Now perhaps Miss H can make some little sheepie ones (and maybe Snowy-ish ones too)?

  2. Veerrry cute cats there Baa ... I personally love cats. I shall go have a look at that pattern ... love anything tiny that fits in a matchbox too :-)

  3. Oh those tiny kitties are very cute.