Monday, 27 June 2016

Jumping June: Luna-tic

Hello Paw-Pals,

Fun Fact: Cats can jump up to 6 times their height!

So for today's blog post I thought I would introduce you to our newest member of the family - Luna!
The Mother, Miss H, and I have nicknamed her Luna-tic... keep reading to find out why.

This is the adorable cat. She joined our family at the beginning of December when the Mother finally gave into my pleas of having someone to chase all day   the Geek's begging for a kitten.

Aren't her eyes amazing?

Luna-tic and I are great friends - she even follows the Mother and I up the driveway for our evening walk.

One of her favourite past-times is staring at the washing going around and around.
Unfortunately, some of her other favourite past-times include knocking things off tables and benches, chasing flies, and meowing incessantly when I leave the house.
No wonder we have nick-named her Luna-tic!!!

Is this my best side? 

Luna is a special cat.  She is completely deaf (this has been tested by EVERY member in the family!!!).  She is perfect for me - she doesn't mind my growls, she loves playing rough and tumble with me, and she worships me a bit like I am the King (well, okay I may have made that bit up!)

She is pretty cute tho', and I can't think of a better interactive play toy for a dog like me to have.

Slobbery Kisses,

P.S. The sheepie will be back later this week for the last post in Jumping June.


  1. Very pretty kitty, love the eyes.

  2. awwww - Luna is a sweetie and I'm so glad you are best of friends. You have to remember to take care of her Snowy - if she can't hear, she will need you to do that for her. Her eyes are amazing.

  3. Hello Snowy. Luna is very sweet. I'm sure she's good company for you!

  4. Luna is absolutely beautiful & I wish I could reach into the screen & give her a gentle pat. She has the most amazing eyes.

  5. Beautiful her soft white fur and beautiful eyes!
    Helen xox