Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Jumping June: Knitted Bunnies

Hello Peeps,

Today I will show you the Mother's new knitted bunnies. She just loves the knitted bunnies that she has seen online, and so she asked an old friend of hers to knit her a couple bunnies.

They were even BETTER than she imagined!!!

The handsome boy bunny is called Parker and the pretty girl one is called Priscilla.

I gave them a welcome tea party! (Yes, I did share my chocolate chip and glaze cherry muffin)

He has a little pocket handkerchief, and she has the cutest knitted panties.

The Mother LURVES them lots and lots. The lady who made them for her is in her 80's! - and very very good at knitting!!!
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. What beautiful bunnies. I can see why The Mother loves them. xx

  2. What beautiful bunnies and I am glad to see you are making them welcome Baa! Have fun with your new friends! Christine x

  3. Oh so sweet and beautifully made. xx

  4. Your new friends are very cute Baa. Such nice manners you have to share your muffin. We wouldn't want you to get a "muffin" top.

  5. Awww - your new friends are so cute! So nice of you to share your treats with them too.

  6. They are just beautiful Baa. I absolutely LOVE Parker & Priscilla. Tell the Mother should they go missing ........ they may very well be at my house !!!!!

  7. Oh Parker and Priscilla are so adorable and how sweet of you Baa to have a welcoming tea for them.