Monday, 8 June 2015

The Enemy's 21st Pawty!

Hello Peeps,

The Enemy is writing today's blog post because on Sunday it was his 21st birthday (in dog years!)

Woof! I turned 21 on Sunday and The Mother and Miss H gave me a wonderful pawty.

I was sooo embarrassed because they dressed me up as a bee!  (I wasn't allowed to be in my birthday suit...)!
There was lots of lovely food for the humans that I wasn't allowed to eat!!!  Miss H made a chocolate cake, Master I-Zee, Kit Kat's brother, made brownie and...

...the marvellous Miss Bee made cupcakes of ME!!!

Do you see the resemblance?!

I think Pawty's are fun! But Miss H and the Mother need lessons on how to make a yummy tasting cake for dogs - I wouldn't touch the one they made for me! Not even when it was coated in yoghurt and treats.
Love From
Baa. xxx and The Enemy!


  1. How funny & gorgeous :-) I love "the Enemy's" outfit & that food .... WOW!!! There are some clever cooks in that house for sure. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to the Enemy x0x

  2. Happy Birthday Snowy! Those goodies all look scrumptious to me! Hope you had some doggy treats to enjoy!! :) x

  3. You look BEE-utiful Snowy, much more youthful than your years...perhaps it is due to staying away from the sweet treats?!

  4. Happy birthday to The Enemy. Looks like a great time was had partying at your place.

  5. Well I do really hope that there were some special birthday treats for you and Baa too. Happy bark-day!

  6. Happy Birthday to The Enemy. Your cake is marvelous. There are recipes on the internet to make dog treats. They need to make you some.