Saturday, 20 June 2015

Saturday Show: Top Secret Quilting Group

Hello Peeps,

Today Miss H, the Mother, and I joined a top secret quilting group for some sewing.  They also brought their finished quilts to show everyone - so I thought I would share their amazing quilts with you for today's Saturday Show!

Heehee! Can you spot me in each of the above photos?

Ow! Miss H pinned me to the pin board!

The Mother also learnt a cool new technique for quilting lines: use duct tape and stitch down the side of it.

Oh, and there was yummy food of course! (Everyone started on the lovely cheese scones in the basket at the back - but I dived into the triple chocolate brownie!)

*Disclaimer: NO sheep were harmed in the making of this blog post. I was pinned to the board through my very stylish waistcoat. But I did get a tummy ache from eating all that brownie!

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Lovely show and tell Baa. Glad you weren't hurt making the blog post! Hope your tummy is feeling better now. xx

  2. Hello Baa! Thank you for sharing all those beautiful quilt photographs. I am glad you were well looked after and not hurt and next time perhaps you will take it steady with the brownies! Have a lovely weekend! PS. love your cute little waistcoat!

  3. I see that you are enjoying the chocolate brownie, Baa... but your feet seem to be taking you towards those yummy cookies! You know some very clever quilters.

  4. Isnt that lovely that they took you along to the Quilt Group Meeting Baa :-) Those quilts are stunning .... pleased to see you enjoying the morning/afternoon tea. Food looks yummy as always.

  5. Baa you are very brave to climb all the way up on top of those beautiful quilts! Hope you had your chocolate AFTER you made those climbs because, after all, you wouldn't want to leave chocolate hoofie prints on them.

  6. Such a cute post reading it through Baa's eyes! Those quilts are beautiful, lots of lovely designs. Yummy food too. xx

  7. Thanks for the photos of the beautiful quilts. I love the look of the chocolate slice....Yum. Not good for lambs though!

  8. Great show and tell, and I hope your waistcoat was not harmed when it was pinned. The brownies look yummy.