Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday Show: Home!

Hello Peeps,

Next Sunday (5th July) Miss H will be winging her way towards England (I will be stuffed into her luggage - no luxury for me! - but at least I am going...)

So today's Saturday Show will be the last for a little while because next Saturday will be crazy!!!

But don't worry, I will keep you up to date with my English Adventure...

...and there will also be posts about the different crafts and creative activities Miss H and the Mother have secretly been up to over the last few weeks.

The Mother stictched this lovely "Home" stitchery by Jenny of Elefantz.

It sits on the Mother's hutch along with lots of her old fashioned bits and bobs.
Love from
Baa. xxx


  1. What a cute stitchery and it looks perfect displayed in the hutch! Hope you have a lovely time in England.... the weather is nice here at the moment so I hope it stays nice for your visit... xx

  2. Hope you have a wonderful trip Baa. I do love that stitchery the Mother has done & framed. I have seen it on Jennys blog & stitchery club & it has always appealed to me. It looks just delightful where she has it sitting :-)

  3. Have THE best time away...but remember, there's no place like home. ;-)
    My love and prayers go with you, Miss H. xxx

  4. Safe travels and have a great time. xx

  5. Have a great time Baa - and be sure to report on all your adventures!

  6. You and Hannah must be getting so excited now. Have a wonderful time. Safe travels!

  7. Have a wonderful vacation. Looks like you are heading toward a heat wave!

  8. The stitchery is gorgeous and looks perfect on your shelf! Hope the vacation is going well. xx