Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How Many Needlecases Does One Need?

Hello Peeps,

After the needlecase swap that we did, the Mother went needlecase crazy!
In addition to the two needlecases we were given, the Mother has made 8!!! more.

Look at the needlecase stack. 

A strawberry or two...

The Mother did one with pips (the one she made for Miss H) and one with some cute ribbon.

How about some mushrooms for when you are stitching in the garden? They are sure to attract fairies.

The Mother also made some butterflies (pattern from Wild Olive). Aren't they so coolio?

The Mother used a lovely white ribbon to tie the butterfly closed.

And this cute baby butterfly.

The Mother found a cute pattern to make a Letter Needlecase.

And she used a different pattern to make Miss H's Letter Needlecase. And wound it closed with a coolio bit of thread and a heart button.

How many needlecases do you have?

Love from
Baa. xxx


  1. I don't own any but I want to make one though.

  2. With needlecases as pretty as these, I am thinking one could never have enough. The strawberry is my favorite ... or maybe the mushroom ... oh, my, too hard to pick. I shall call them all favorite ... :) Pat

  3. I love needlecases. They are fun to collect and you have some really cute ones now. Thanks for coming by my blog and entering the giveaway. Good luck.