Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Can cats and dogs really be friends???

Hello Peeps,

The other day The Mother and Miss H took Grandma for afternoon tea and then a movie for her birthday.

The Mother's coffee had a lovely fern in it. Isn't it sooo coolio?

They looked out the window of the cafe and saw a lovely, very placid cat sitting on its owner's shoulder walking through the outside part of the shopping center.

Oh yes, and there was its friend the dog too. Miss H rushed outside and got a wonderful picture of the cat lying with the dog. Isn't that amazing?

Miss H also got to hold the cat and she said he was all fluff.

And no, I am not in any of these photos because I was not allowed to go to the movies with them. :'(

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Awe were you too young to go to the movies Baa? My MIL has 2 cats and a dog that play, and sleep together. They are besties.

  2. I have a "Shawn the Sheep" dvd Baa, you can come round and watch it with me anytime.