Thursday, 2 August 2018

Wee Braw Bags!

Hello Peeps,

Miss H started back at university this week after 3 weeks of holiday - the first HOLIDAY all year (study breaks don't count as they are for studying).

Most of Miss H's holiday was spent at home. Her and the Mother got lots of sewing done. Their main project was to sew a bunny each. But Miss H has left those in Auckland as they are soooo special.

The Mother found this cute wee braw bag pattern and became totally addicted. She made LOTS and LOTS of them. So on arriving home, the Mother had lots of presents for Miss H. They have almost all been filled already.

Here are all Miss H's ones. The Mother made two of almost all of them so she could have one as well. Plus there are a couple extra ones she made as well (not pictured here). 

First up, this is the only wee braw bag that has nothing in it yet - besides me. Heeheehee...

This is the BESTEST smelling bag. Miss H and the Mother have gotten into essential oils and so this bag stores the little bottles. Just perfect!

Miss H's crochet is in time-out after several unsuccessful attempts to make something. But it is spending its time in such a pretty bag I don't think it will mind too much. 

Both of these bags contain UNFINISHED stitcheries. I have tried to teach her to finish one before she starts another but she informs me that you can't contain creativity! Oh dear! 
(There are 4 stitcheries in the brown bag...)

Miss H is also most of the way through these cute birthstones by Wild Olive. They just need their faces. 

And just in case you couldn't see the above bag properly - here is the COOLIO fabric it is made out of. One of Miss H's favourite. 

Speaking of finishing stitcheries - Miss H just finished this one. She used that coolio variegated thread that she bought a little while ago with the plan to make woven wagon wheel flowers. Don't worry, she still plans to make that, but she found this stitchery already drawn up so she decided to start with that. 

These bags each contain a hand stitched applique project that Miss H has started cutting the pieces of. She seems to have gone home for a holiday and started a 100 more projects! One is a wall-hanging and the other is a mini-quilt. 

Miss H also started a hand appliqued quilt and these are the first two completed blocks. 
She is using THIS pattern with a few changes to meet the amount of fabric she had. 

 In just a couple of weeks, Miss H is going on her second placement this year. This time with Over 2's. She is so excited.

I will pop back next week with more blocks from the quilt Miss H is making, and ANOTHER stitchery that she has started. HAHA!!!

Love From,
Baa. xxx


  1. Those little bags are great, thanks for showing us Baa. Hope Hannah enjoys her placement. xx

  2. What wonderful little bags - oh so perfect for you to travel in Baa. Oh, and they are pretty sweet to carry projects in too.

  3. The Mother sure has been busy making all those cute bags Baa! I love them all ... just gorgeous. Hope Miss H enjoys her 2nd placement with the Over 2's. Happy Weekend to you & the family Baa Xxx

  4. Those bags are lovely. Will have to check out the pattern. xx