Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Rainbow in the Meadow!

Hello Peeps,

Over the weekend Miss H cut off the threads of the children's quilt that she had sewn and quilted a few years ago. She hates cutting threads off and the quilt was in no rush to be used at the time she finished it so it lay folded in the sewing room or with the finished quilts for a bit. But over the weekend she found a special child to gift it to.

Let me go back to the beginning... The Mother works at a community centre in a very poor part of New Zealand and loves to help people who need it. One day, a lady came in as she knew a 6 or 7 year old boy who needed some clothes. The Mother didn't have any but said she would ask around if anyone had any spare - and thankfully someone did. Then last week the lady asked the Mother about clothes for a 5 year old girl. This little girl had to be taken from her mother and put in the care of her grandmother who had absolutely no clothes for her. Of course, the Mother was eager to help. She asked her friends who have girls who are 6 and 7 now so have grown out of their 5 year old clothes and they sorted out some of the cutest second-hand outfits for this girl. When Miss H heard about her, she thought the Rainbow in the Meadow quilt would be perfect for the girl as she goes through lots of different changes in her life. Something that was specially hers that she could cuddle up in.

Perfect timing that Miss H saw the quilt lying around in the sewing room and decided to cut the threads off so it was completely finished - before the Mother even told her about the little girl. This quilt was definitely meant for her!!!

So now, without further ado...

Rainbow in the Meadow!

The inside blocks are like eye-spy blocks with creatures you would find in a meadow. 
Can you spot the ladybug, dragonflies, and creepy crawlies? 

This is the quilt all laid out. It's so bright and colourful and makes you happy - just like a rainbow. 
I didn't find a pot of gold though...

Of course the back had to be just as bright! 

10/10 for snuggle quality! 

Lots of love from
Baa. xxx


  1. How wonderful ... I am sure the wee girl will love the Rainbow in the Meadow quilt. Its just gorgeous. Gosh, the Mother must hear some heart breaking stories in her job Baa.

  2. Oh p.s .... I am pleased you got to test it for snugability first Baa!

  3. Lovely. And the back is brilliant too. What a great gift for the sad little girl. xx

  4. So glad you tucked in some 'sheepie luv' Baa.

  5. So very obviously meant to be! That little girl is going to treasure her very own special quilt.... bless Miss H for gifting it to her!

  6. What a lovely bright quilt. I'm sure the little girl loved it.xx