Sunday, 17 June 2018

Catch Up!

Mālō e lelei Peeps, (that means "hello" in Tongan) 

Remember me? Small, plump, fluffy? Favourite food chocolate?
YUP! You guessed it! 


Miss H and I have been super duper busy. She has almost finished her 15,500+ word research report. Feel free to ask her ANYTHING about high order questions. Plus, she has completed a 2 week practicum in a Tongan speaking preschool centre. And another 3 large assignments. PHEW!

I have been drowning my sorrows in chocolate because Miss H has not had a lot of time to play with me, or take me on adventures, or type up my witty blog posts. Lots and lots and lots of chocolate.

In positive news, Miss H has still be crafting! Quite a bit. It helps keep her stress level down.

She started crocheting some fingerless gloves as it is winter here. But as you can see they failed... or did they?!

Look at my warm scarf/mini vest! And it matches me perfectly!

Don't I look super handsome?! 
I'm sure I will win the best dressed sheepie this winter!

Miss H has also be stitching 4 patterns for Christmas in aqua. 
The pattern is from Cinderberry Stitches. 

The owls are all set with their Christmas stockings.

The Christmas fairy. Isn't she pretty?

And of course, jolly Santa Claus!

The fourth one is a handsome reindeer which Miss H is part way though. 
You may have noticed that none of them have eyes - Miss H is leaving all of those to last. 

The Mother was terribly sick for a week and Miss H couldn't go see her as she had classes in Tauranga. 
So, in addition to some phone calls, she stitched her this cute little gift. 
The Mother LURVED it!

Miss H has started a new quilt. It is lovely and simple. 
She is going to call it White Picket Fence because the fabric reminds her of a perfect family home. 

Uhhhhhh... Miss H, I don't think it should look like this? 
It's a fence, not a staircase. 

Here is a sneak of how it is going. Such lurvely fabric!!!

Miss H has also finished another 15 hexagon flowers for her Grandmother's Garden quilt. She is getting closer and closer to finishing ALL the flowers. 
Then she will have to stitch them together with white hexies in between. 

And she treated herself to some coolio variegated thread. She is going to stitch a wagon wheel rose. 
She is going to use THIS pattern with different words. 

Love from 
Baa. xxx


  1. Nice to have you back Baa and I'm glad to see you haven't put on too much weight eating all that chocolate! Love all these beautiful projects that Miss H has been working on and I think you scarf looks spectacular! Hope the Mother is feeling a whole lot better now! Hugs Christine x

  2. Good to find you in my inbox this morning Baa and great to catch up with all the beautiful work Miss H has been doing. Beautiful embroideries and I love the new one she is going to work on. Looking forward to your next post. xx

  3. I'm so sorry that The Mother was sick - hope she's much better now. And I'm happy to see you back Baa - you've definitely been missed. Lovely stitcheries by Miss H!

  4. Welcome back Baa. Sounds like Miss H has certainly been busy. I hope The Mother is feeling much better. xx

  5. Good to see you Baa. Looks like Miss H has been extremely busy.