Monday, 9 April 2018

21st PAR-TAY!

Hello Peeps,

Over Easter Miss H turned 21! She is now officially an adult.  

Miss H doesn't like big parties so she just had a little one with her close family and family friends down at the bach in Pauanui. Even the Geek (Miss H's brother) came up from Wellington. 

Look at the beautiful frame that was set up. 
The table not under the frame was for Miss H's nieces. 

The table was set with pretty pink spotted paper plates. 
And just look at that yummy tray of appetizers (which I was not allowed to eat, harumph!). 

Look at the beautiful flowers that the Mother and Miss H made. 
Sooooo much tracing and cutting out. 

The Mother's old window frame that will one day display a quilt was used to display pictures of Miss H. 

This was Miss H's beautiful party dress. This little sheepie thinks she looked so beautiful. 

There was a first course - but I was FAR more interested in the yummy dessert. 

Grandma made pavlova (which is a Kiwi classic) - it was filled with lemon curd! 
Miss H made some tasty chocolate muffins - I may or may not have sampled one...
And the amazing Miss Bee made the malteser cheesecake - divine - and the COOLIO birthday cake! 

And just look at the AMAZING cake! 
Miss Bee used special piping nozzles to make the amazing flowers. 

It was a wonderful party that reflected Miss H perfectly. 

I can't wait to show you her VERY special presents. 
One is very warm and snuggly... and another is hard and wooden. But those are the only hints I can give. 

And I was forgiven for eating Miss H's Easter decorations. She gave me a delicious chocolate Easter bunny. 

Lastly, Miss H had a wonderful prac with the Under Two's (her favourite one so far) and she was sooooo very sad to leave. 

Love from,
Baa. xxx


  1. Nice to see you were forgiven Baa. Your rabbit looks like a nice friendly chap. You are right the 21st party was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it. Mum

  2. Sounds like a lovely time was had by all and the dress is beautiful! xx

  3. Happy special Birth Day wishes to Miss H! Looks like a lovely party. Best be careful about getting chocolate on your sweet little face!

  4. Happy belated birthday wishes to Miss H!! Gosh everything looked just SOoooo wonderful .... especially that dress & the cake!!

  5. Wishing Miss H a very belated happy birthday. Everything looked so lovely for the party. Miss H's dress is beautiful. I love dresses too and that's all I usually wear! xx