Thursday, 15 March 2018

I'm grounded...

Hello Peeps,

I will start with the good news: Miss H is LURVING her placement with babies! She has started thinking that they are the BESTEST age group.

Here is a piece of their artwork from an activity Miss H set up. 
She has another 2 weeks to go. I think she will be quite sad when its over. 

Now to the BAD news:
Easter is fast approaching so Miss H thought that it would be nice setting up some Easter decorations on the table. 

Doesn't it look coolio and delicious? Oh so DELICIOUS!

Yummmmmmy looking bunny and M&M eggs. 

Then Miss H left and I... well, I got into mischief...

In my defense they were irresistible and one should NEVER leave chocolate unattended on the table...
The temptation was just too much for this poor little sheepie!

So, now I am grounded... :(   and I have a tummy ache... :'( 

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Oh, dear darling Baa! You are a very naughty sheep!

  2. Naughty Baa! Glad Miss H is enjoying herself. xx

  3. Oh poor Baa. That is quite a bit of chocolate for a wee sheepie. Hopefully you will be ungrounded by Easter.

  4. Oh Dear me Baa ... I think I sympathise as I have the same chocolate addiction that you do. Hope your grounding doesn't last too long. I am sure Miss H will go easy on you :-)

  5. I don't suppose you could have blamed it on Snowy either....oh dear. Hope your tummy is feeling better!