Friday, 10 August 2018

Stitching and Applique

Hello Peeps,

I hope your week has been as COOLIO as mine.

Miss H has attended classes this week and visited the centre that she is doing her placement at. I snuck into her jacket pocket where I commanded a good view of the place....

... and I am happy to report that it looks wonderful and the teachers were lovely, so I feel quite happy that Miss H will at least be going somewhere fantastic when she abandons me.

Though, I am hoping that she will take me one day as she has to do oral storytelling for one of her assignments and I think I would make the BEST prop EVER for a story!!! Just saying...

On to the craft!

Last week I showed you some applique blocks from a quilt Miss H is making. I also put up a link to the pattern but then mentioned Miss H is changing it due to her fabric requirements - so I thought I would show you her quilt layout.

Here it is! Miss H is making lemons, limes, oranges and watermelons - all those weird semi circles. And the circles with 2 ears are the bears. In the top left corner is the sun, and the bottom right corner is a flower. 

And LOOK! Miss H has already finished the watermelon!!!
Well, almost - they just need some pips. Maybe we could skip the pips Miss H, they are the worst part of a watermelon. You could grow a watermelon tree inside you if you swallowed one!!!

And the first very nearly completed bear - just needs some eyes and a mouth. 
Oh dear Miss H, I just looked at the pattern again and I think the nose is a little low... 

This is bear number 2! She is the only one who is going to have glassses and my, what funky glasses they are. Though mine are a close second. 

Here is a close-up of Miss H's blanket stitch. 

And now, like I promised, the stitchery Miss H has been working on... 

Ta-Da! It's not quite finished yet - but it is getting closer. 
Miss H thinks it is a perfect reminder for her, especially as she is going to start her placement soon and things are going to get super busy, so it will remind her to slow down and enjoy the little things - the little moments of seeing children develop, work something out, or just have fun, as well as the little moments of being able to craft. 

Miss H used some of her special thread - its thicker and one strand is enough. Here is a close up. 

Lots of LURVE,
from Baa. xxx


  1. Dear Baa, those bears of Miss H look really wonderful. So glad you snuck into her pocket so you could see where she will be going for her placement. While you sleep and eat chocolate at home you can imagine her reading and playing with small children. I think those glasses suit you!

  2. Goodness Baa. You are all bundled up.... like it is winter! ;} It was 104F here two days ago. A little warm for a sheepie.

    And, BTW, it is Miss H's bear. If she wants his nose low, that is her choice. Just sayin..........

  3. What a fun project - and some beautiful stitching. xx

  4. Beautiful Baa! Love all the new creations Miss H is working on. I hope her new placement goes really well & that you get taken to lots of her classes Baa Xx

  5. You must be doing some stitching behind the scenes Baa, because I can't imagine how Miss H manages to find the time to stitch while she's attending classes. She's a busy girl!

  6. The watermelons could be the seedless type! Do you have seedless watermelon in NZ? We do here. Miss H's stitchery looks lovely. xx