Monday, 11 December 2017

Shabby Chic Caravan

Hello Peeps, 

Today I am revealing the Mother's completed caravan. The pre-photos can be viewed HERE! 

Notes: 1. The Mother had a very small budget to do up the caravan. 2. The caravan is rotting underneath and is slowly falling into decay - quite literally irreparable - so the Mother hasn't don't any structural work as it isn't worth it. 

And now the reveal....

Doesn't the original orange look lovely once all the mold is scrubbed off?  

And when all the fungi is gone! 
The Mother and Miss H are rather fond of the originalpeachy colour. 

And inside...

 Yep, that's me - looking good in front of those now gorgeous drawers!

The table folds out so the Mother can sew away happily for the weekends now she has a lovely sweet shabby chic caravan to get away to.

Miss H had the task of recovering the drawer fronts. 
Pink polka dots, of course!

Stitchery designed by Jenny of Elefantz
Breakfast tea tray for breakfast in bed. With a stitchery from Jenny of Elephanz to make your morning special.

 Er....are you sure the Boss will be okay with me being up on the beds? Because I may claim this one for me...

Changed my mind - this one is the best bed in the caravan! You will share with me, right Mother?

My fluffy bed is pretty soft though... 
Can you spot my masculine blue dog bowls? 
The Mother wanted everything to be matchy matchy - but being a boy I insisted on dog bowls that aren't pink - even though Miss H said that I am colourblind and would not notice if they were. I am pretty sure I would, so I am pleased they got me blue bowls. 

 The Mother brought Baa and I some friends to play with - not chew though! 

Family photo guys - smile!

Shabby chic perfection!!!

It even looks amazing from the outside! 

Slobbery Kisses,
From Snowy. xxx

PS - The Mother's budget was 115 dollars mostly spent on fabric!!!!  She made curtains and all the lovely cushions etc. 


  1. Beary nice Snowy. That was a lot of work!

  2. Amazing transformation! It looks gorgeous. Enjoy. xx

  3. Wow that is fabulous. Love your she cave.

  4. What a fabulous getaway to sew in! I could do with one of those! You have done such a marvellous job getting it all looking beautiful! Love it! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Christine xx

  5. Hi Snowy. The caravan looks great. Mother has done a wonderful job making it all cosy.

  6. WoW! It looks amazing Snowy. The Mother has done such a wonderful job on transforming it all. Just gorgeous!

  7. Well I have to say that I think that breakfast tray is missing something - surely you can convince The Mother that there should at least be a nice doggie biscuit there for you. Wouldn't we all love a little getaway place like that!

  8. WOW that does look like a very happy place for everyone, or two, and especially a dog! Yes, the blue bowls are a great choice. Another wonderful transformation project completed and ready to go.