Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Nutty Christmas!

Hello Peeps,

Miss H and the Mother each made a Nutcracker mini quilt for Christmas decorations. 

This is the Mother's one! 

Doesn't he look regal and handsome? 

This quirky fellow is Miss H's one. 

Miss H's Nutcracker had his clothes chosen to match her little Nutcracker man. 

Definitely nailed the crazy pants!

Nutcracker pattern by Threadbare Creations and can be found HERE!

Only several more days until Christmas. YAY! Miss H cannot wait to share her version of the Nutcracker origin story with you. As well as the Nutcracker themed Christmas Eve dinner she has organised. To make it even more tricky - all the food for the dinner will be vegan (so no meat, dairy, or eggs). Should be a good challenge! 

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Oh Baa they both look fantastic 💜💜💜 i hope they bring you as much joy as mine does. Hes always the first Christmas decoration I hang up 😊 Thank you for your lovely email. I'm so thrilled you enjoyed sewing one of my patterns. Merry Christmas, Rose xx

  2. Those turned out fantastic. What a great addition to your Christmas decorations.

  3. These don't look the least bit scary! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your themed Christmas.

  4. Everything looks wonderful as always Baa! Look forward to seeing your dinner menu! I find vegan quite hard to get my head around sometimes!

  5. I love both Mother and Miss H's nut crackers. They look wonderful.