Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Advent with Pallets

Hello Paw-Pals,

The Mother works at a community centre/church not far from home.  A week or so ago the boss and Pastor of the community centre/church said "Karen we need something creative for Advent - we usually just have a little wreath and 4 small candles on the Altar table. You can do something better, can't you? Oh, and as usual - no budget! Ha!"

A night on Pinterest and TA DA...! ( The Mother does love Pinterest )

Yep, pallets are free down at the industrial area.  We brought them home and the Boss chopped a few up so the Mother could paint them white shabby chic style and then stencil the words on.

That's me!  The Mother says I bring her Joy!

And here they are all displayed in church.  Pastor Jo was very happy!

Joy and Love.

Hope and Peace.  One candle is lit each week - starting with hope.

Doesn't Luna (affectionately known as Loony, Lunatic, the Loon) look beautiful against the pretty blue flowers?

Slobbery kisses,
From Snowy! Woof!


  1. What a great idea Karen. And yes, the picture of Luna is beautiful. xx

  2. Great idea. Love how it looks too. Not the traditional advent calendar. Luna does look beautiful, but Snowy you are handsome also.

  3. These are perfect for a church setting where a smaller advent wreath would get lost. People can see this one from wherever they are seated. Brilliant solution - and even better that the price was right. Oh, and Snowy? bring us joy too.

  4. Wonderful Baa. That Mother is VeRy talented!!

  5. How clever is the Mother, Snowy! That is such a great idea. And she did it with no budget too. Luna does look lovely sitting there. xxx