Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Mini May: Sheep

Hello Peeps,

Today is the last day of May and so this is the last mini quilt Snowy and I have to show you.
But don't worry - I have saved the BEST to last.

May I introduce you to Lambo!

Isn't he soooo coolio? My very own mini quilt!!! Now I won't get cold in winter.

Look how nicely the Mother did his blanket stitch.
He is just Baaaarilliant!

Love From


  1. Fabulous little quilt and just in time for the Winter!! Keep warm Baa! Christine x

  2. Wow that is a wonderful quilt. And how nice of Baa allow the use of his image for a quilt.

  3. He sure IS baarilliant there Baa. So cute & just gorgeous & lucky you to have your own wee quilt.

  4. Lucky you Baa - what a great quilt. xx

  5. Oh yes, definitely saved the best to last. And this is for you Baa? I know you're a pretty happy little sheepie right now.

  6. Just catching up on some blog reading. All the mini quilts are gorgeous. And yes, this last one is the best, Baa! xx