Friday, 6 May 2016

Mini May: Mini Quilt Swap

Yawn.....I was asleep Mum! it time to get up?   Nope..of course I didn't get my paws on the if......

This is the mini quilt that the Mother made for a swap with a facebook group she belongs to.  She got to send it to a lady in England.   It was a pattern called Spoolie Birds that she bought on Craftsy.  She loves it so much she is going to sew it again and a couple of others and make a bigger quilt with it.

Now is this my best side....?

or what about lying down.......?

Instead of  machine quilting the centre she did some hand quilting in running stitch as if the thread had been unravelled by the bird.....

...and even a needle was stitched on.

All the blanket stitch was hand down by the Mother.
 The lady who received it loved it and it will hang in her sewing room.

Slobbery Kisses,


  1. It is beautiful.... I am not surprised the recipient loved it! Christine x

  2. Gorgeous mini quilt...what a wonderful gift! Cute little furry friend too :)
    Helen xox

  3. That is a beautiful mini quilt & you are doing a great job there Snowy.

  4. Oooh - I love slobbery kisses from four legged cuties like you Snowy! Just be sure no slobber gets onto that pretty little quilt.

  5. Hello Snowy. What a gorgeous mini quilt. Mother has done a wonderful job. xx

  6. Very cute, love the sewing theme with the little bird, and Snowy is a marvelous spokesmodel.

  7. What a delightful little mini that is Snowy _ i am sure the recipient must have been delighted. xx

  8. I love this, it's very cute!