Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mini May: Fancy a Cuppa?

Hello Paw-Pals,

Look what the Mother started doing - a cute tea cup mini quilt.

That pesky sheep is ruining the props!!!

Fancy a cuppa is the question for the Mother's friend whom she made the mini for - not the sheep!

She made 9 little tea cups.
1 with the handle the other way, just to make her friend laugh...

All made using fabric from the Mother's stash.

Yep! I think it will do double duty and be a coat - though I am a boy and it is bright pink!
Don't let that Baa fellow see or I will never hear the end of it!!!

Slobbery Kisses,


  1. You are looking very smart Snowy!! Love this cute little quilt and the free motion quilting on it looks lovely too! Christine x

  2. Cute mini. Love the colors, and you always have one that just doesn't do what you want! Real men (dogs) wear pink Snowy.

  3. Snowy, you look like you have been to the barber. Good sit!

  4. Gorgeous little mini quilt there Snowy. And yes it makes a pretty dandy coat for you too.

  5. You Mom is really creative! All cups are so different and cute.

  6. What a lovely little mini quilt there! Funny it doubles as a coat!

  7. I think you should be lobbying for a manly coat just for you Snowy. After all, you should be stepping out in style don't you think? In the meantime, I must say that I like the teacup quilt.