Friday, 27 May 2016

Mini May: Marks for Joyfulness

Hello Paw-Pals,

What me? Step on it? No, not a chance.

Hmmm... I do like it.

Errrr... no, no paws on it. What do you mean?

The Mother made this out of a stitchery the Mother drew for Miss H to stitch, but got a mark on so Miss H refused to stitch it. Very fussy that girl!
So the Mother stitched it - and look at the beautiful flower!
Problem all gone.

Slobbery Kisses,
From Snowy.


  1. Way to make lemonade out of lemons. Cute stitchery and good job Snowy.

  2. Another very pretty little quilt! Christine x

  3. The flower was an inspired idea! Just make sure, Snowy, that you paws are clean. After all, we humans have to wash our hands before touching precious quilts and so should you.