Saturday, 5 March 2016

A Stitch or Two to Make It Through Intensives...

Hello Peeps,

Miss H has completed her first week of university. They call the first two weeks "Intensive Weeks" because there are lectures ALL day EVERY day! As well as a two-night camp! So, Miss H has been very busy. But when she has had down time in the evenings - she has stitched.

Miss H packed lots of threads and needles and pestered the Mother to draw out some stitcheries for her before she left.

One set of stitcheries Miss H asked to be drawn out was 10 Christmas stitcheries by Wild Olive for a mini quilt Miss H is planning to make for this Christmas.

Yum - plum pudding! Hohoho!

Christmas isn't complete without decorations, lollies, and Christmas cards.

And presents, and filled stockings too. But don't forget the jingle bells!

A tree to place the presents under. The Mother never puts the presents under until the night before because Miss H manages to work out what they are with her x-ray vision... heeheehee.

And who could forget Christmas crackers full of bad jokes.

I must tell you, however, that this first Intensive Week hasn't been all hard work. For an entire hour of lecture time they were told to play: play dough, bubbles, puzzles, and toys.

Miss H and a group of the other girls made this out of plain white play dough. They coloured it all themselves.

A giraffe took a leisurely trip down the river. Can you see the sparkly rocks that are on the rivers edge?

The girls loved making it so much. There were no rules or instructions, just their imaginations.

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Sounds like Miss H has had a great first couple of weeks! The little stitcheries are very cute and I love what the girls made with their dough! Have a nice weekend! Christine x

  2. How wonderful that the first week is going well.

  3. Wow ... that playdough looks wonderful Baa. Pleased to read that Miss H is still managing some stitching time ... its a great relaxer :-) Hope next week goes really well for her too.

  4. Great fun with the play dough and nice stitcheries. Good to have a small project to work on. Enjoy the course. xx

  5. What a fun school if you can play with creations like this! Having little stitcheries like this to work on is a great thing for downtime. Hope you're not too homesick Baa!