Thursday, 17 March 2016

I got mail!

Hello Peeps,

Heidi from On the Banks of Frog Creek, who won my 222nd Blog Post Giveaway, sent me a thank you card.

Here is a coolio bookmark from the place where she lives.

Also inside was a card.

Unfortunately it was stopped from entering NZ because it contained flowers and seeds. Customs don't allow plants from overseas in case it may be harmful to our ecosystem.

But they are also very considerate and so...

..they photo-copied the card - inside and out - for me. So I still get to have it - even if its not the real thing. 
Doesn't it look absolutely lovely?

Love from
Baa. xxx


  1. Awe what a sweet thank you. I don't blame them it protects the environment from invasive plants. To go into the state of California, you go through what we call "the bug station" they ask if you have any fruit or veggies, and they do take them if they are on "the list".

  2. Wow - what a considerate postal system to provide you with a photocopy! I can't imagine ours being half that nice. Too bad ours hadn't been more diligent and barred some of the invasive species we now are battling.

  3. How nice to get a thank you note and that's great that the postal service photocopied it for you! Very sensible to be cautious in protecting the ecosystem! Christine x

  4. Yes, that definitely makes sense! I will definitely be more aware of what I'm mailing in the future :) How nice of your customs though to take a picture!