Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Menu Plan

Hello Paw-Pals,

The Mother decided to make a fun menu board for Miss H.  I decided to help! looks like we need some pegs and tags.....

...Hmmmm.....these taste nice...

Oh, look at that... each day a special card for each meal  - a super weekly planner and guide.

Mwah..ahahahahah....Look what I snuck in - wonder what the little sheepie will think! Heehee...

Slobbery Kisses
From Snowy

P.S. Just kidding! I don't eat sheep, but I'm rather fond of cheese...


  1. Great idea and it will look perfect in Miss H's new rooms! Christine x

  2. You are very funny Snowy. What a great idea.

  3. Oh Snowy I'm sure Baa will not like this particular menu choice! Great idea for a menu board.

  4. Hello Snowy - I love the menu board, great idea. xx

  5. That is just gorgeous Snowy ... The Mother is very clever :-) I am so pleased to see you are getting the hang of this blogging lark Snowy.

  6. Cute idea. I am not good at menu planning I like to cook based upon how I feel for the day. But it is a very cool menu board idea. Did you make it from a pallet?