Friday, 26 February 2016

Home Sweet Home

Hello Peeps,

Miss H and I have been in Tauranga for nearly a week. She has been busy at a course teaching people how to study at tertiary level. But has also had a lot of down time and so has done a bit of exploring ad lots of hand stitching.

Bothe Miss H and I have settled into our new place quite well.

This is where Miss H will be studying... very boring for me...

But while she's not watching I can sneak over to the kitchen area and stuff my face with chocolate, I mean, snack on a few cocoa beans - beans are a vegetable, right? Heehee!

This is Miss H's bed - I made her make it especially for this photo... it doesn't usually look like this...

Miss H was kind enough to bring a friend along for me. His name is Mr. Rabbit.  So in between helping Miss H study, eating chocolate, and exploring Tauranga, I will have someone to play with. Yay!

This in the lounge area

It is quite hot in the sleepout so Miss H set up a chair outside in the shade... Well, sort of the shade.

Pop by on Wednesday for a post from Snowy.

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. You have made it very homely! Hope you enjoy your studies! Christine x

  2. You are getting all set up and ready to learn.

  3. Of course cocoa beans are a vegetable - and I have it on very good authority that chocolate is one of the food groups,so you're save Baa. Glad to hear you and Miss H are settling in. Good luck with her studies and your exploring.

  4. yikes - learn to proofread before you push the publish button MA - it should be 'safe' not 'save'!

  5. Gosh your new little premises look very cosy & inviting Baa ... hope you & Miss H will be very happy there.

  6. Looks like you and Miss H are settling in well - enjoy! xx

  7. Baa, you're so lucky you get to spend all your days in beautiful Tauranga with Miss H. I think her place looks swell! Enjoy! Love Auntie M

  8. Thanks for the tour Baa. I'm so glad you have a friend to keep you company while Miss H is studying. xx