Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Bake Sale.

Hello Peeps,

On Saturday Miss H and the Mother baked up a storm for Jazi-G and also for Miss H's and Kit Kat's farewell (I will show you the farewell party pictures on Friday).

Mmmm... chocolate chip cookies...

Miss H and I love Ginger Crunch! Soooo gingery and crunchy. Hee...hee...

The Mother got quite creative with the packaging - each one is different.

The Nanimo Bars were put in an adorable purse package.

Butterfly cupcakes - always cute and yummy!

What could be better than being surrounded by chocolate Afghans? Yummy!

Oooh! Sticky caramel wedged between chocolate slice and topped with melted chocolate!
Sheepie Heaven!

Pop by on Saturday the 20th to see Miss H and Kit Kat's Farewell Party. Kit Kat is Miss H's best friend and she is also leaving home! 

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Scrumptious looking treats and the packaging looks lovely!! Christine x

  2. mmmm - now I want some chocolate to go with my morning coffee! Just be careful Baa not to get all that chocolate all over your hoofies and your adorable face...after all you want to make a good impression when you're going away.

  3. Wow Baa ... I am sure I put on half a kilo just reading your post & my mouth watering. The last one is my fave ... could eat sticky caramel all day long !!! Look forward to seeing the pics from the party.

  4. mmmmm! You're making me feel hungry, Baa!

  5. Thanks for sharing the yummies. They look fabulous.