Thursday, 26 November 2015

Finishing School Quilt: Kat

Hello peeps,

Today is the last block of Miss H's Finishing School quilt that I will be showing this year - but don't worry, I will show you the rest of the blocks and the completed quilt next year.

Over the next few weeks, the Mother and Miss H will be doing Christmas present sewing. And I will be doing some secret "elf" work (which is pretty much sneaking some pictures of their creations without them knowing... hee...hee..)!

Today's block is a cat and it represents Miss H's best friend - Kit Kat (a.k.a Kat).

Miss H and Kit Kat have been friends since they were born - just 23 days apart. Miss H was born first and Kit Kat loves to tell Miss H that the first 23 days of Miss H's life were terrible because it felt like something was missing. And then Kit Kat was born and the hole in her life was filled. Hee...hee...hee....

And look! There is a "C" for cat in the fabric.
Lots of love
From Baa. xxx


  1. What a sweet block! I am looking forward to seeing the completed quilt! Christine x

  2. What a lovely story to go along with the block. Just a thought - do you think Miss H would like it if you sneakily embroidered some kitty cat eyes onto the block when she wasn't looking?

  3. Cute block and such a cute sentiment. Is that a cat bu the C?

  4. That is such a lovely story, Baa.

  5. Beautiful block there Baa - as usual I love the fabrics Miss H is using. Thats a lovely wee story to go with the block - me being a cat lover & all.

  6. Another great block and clever to find just the right fabric. xx