Saturday, 7 November 2015

A Quilt Show

Hello Peeps,

This week Miss H has had a bit of an electronic disaster - first of all her Surface suddenly stopped working for no reason - and all the pictures for Thurday's Finishing School blog post were on it, and with such a busy week she didn't have time to take new ones. Then, her cellphone decided to slip out of her pocket and fall face first onto the concrete! And now the screen is all smashed. So now she is borrowing the Mother's surface - and will have to retake pictures for the Finishing School blog post next Thursday.

Miss H, the Mother, the Iron Maiden (a very close friend of the Mother's who sews with her every Friday), and I went to a quilt show on Saturday.

See... no hooves!

Especially for the Enemy - MEOW! Cats rule and dogs drool!

This was the Mother's and the Iron Maiden's favourite quilt. 


Taking a photo of a quilt of someone taking a photo... I'm so confused!

The detail in this one was awesome. It depicts Maori heritage of a man carving. 

This hexagon quilt is AMAZING!

The Owl and the Pussy cat - hey, shouldn't I be in that boat too Miss H. The Owl, the Pussy Cat and the Sheep! That sounds much better...

A quilt show wouldn't be complete without a star quilt!

And Dear Jane - the best of show! 
The Iron Maiden and the Mother are planning on making one now... oh oh!

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. I am sorry the gremlins have attacked your electronics. Hate when that happens. Gorgeous quilts. There are so many that you shared it would be hard to pick a favorite if that is just a few of them.

  2. Some beautiful work at the show but it sounds like it was an expensive week! xx

  3. What stunning quilts! Glad you had such a lovely visit to the show! Sorry to hear about the electronics disasters! Christine x

  4. Just catching up on your posts Baa - gosh, that quilt show looked amazing. Its always inspiring when we go to these exhibitions :-) Hard to choose a fave but I think I am agreeing with the Mother & the Iron Maiden, that House quilt is stunning.

  5. They're all beautiful quilts. I've seen a 'Dear Jane' and it's an incredible amount of work, but absolutely stunning when done. So sorry about the electronic disasters - so aggravating!

  6. Thanks for the lovely show and tell, Baa. There are some gorgeous quilts there.