Thursday, 15 October 2015

Finishing School Quilt: Snowy

Hello Peeps,

Today's block is of the Enemy (a.k.a Snowy).

He has been a member of the family for over 3 years. Miss H has taught Snowy to sit, shake paws, and ring a counter bell. He also knows how to lie down.
Miss H tried to take a photo shoot of him, but unfortunately he wasn't very co-operative.

"He doesn't even look like me... I am way more handsome."

"Just give me the cheese!"

"Come on, hurry up. Mum is making dinner and I want some chicken!"
And yes, He did get some chicken from the Mother - she is such a softie...
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Really cute block and Snowy is adorable..... his cute little face is irresistible... no wonder he got some chicken!! Christine x

  2. Gorgeous block there Baa. Yes Snowy is very cute ... my friend has a dog very similar to Snowy but hers is a female dog called Mimi.

  3. Snowy is very cute (but not as cute as you, of course, Baa). Sounds like Snowy may be a little spoilt getting chicken for dinner! xx

  4. Tell Mother that her Snowy pup block is super cute! I had fun reading this post!
    (You are very cute and clever, Baa!)

  5. I am very relieved to know that Snowy eats chicken - it would be awful if he liked lamb!! (nice block, btw)

  6. Snowy is very cute, but his block does not do homage to him. He is also not nearly as sweet as you Baa.

  7. absolutely adorable both block and pooch xx

  8. absolutely adorable both block and pooch xx