Monday, 5 October 2015

Kayaking Down the River

Hello Peeps,

Yesterday afternoon Miss H, the Boss and I went for a kayak down a river to the ocean. (Thankfully the Enemy didn't come with us...)

It was beautiful down the river.

We saw three white ducks - this was as close as we could get.

This is the first of 7 fish we caught (this one and another one were too small so we tossed them back).

We stopped at this rotting log and climbed up onto it for some late afternoon tea. The supplies disappeared so quickly that I didn't get a photo - or a bite!
It was over 10 km from where we started to where the Mother came to pick us up. We didn't get home until five minutes to 6! Thankfully it was still light.
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. What a lovely adventure! Did you cook the fish for supper? Christine x

  2. What a wonderful place there Baa - great photos. Love the fish you caught - the weather has been so perfect lately for fishing.

  3. Looks a lovely way to spend the day and fresh fish too!!

  4. Beautiful scenery - what a nice day out. xx

  5. Now Baa - where is your life jacket? Tsk tsk.....