Thursday, 1 October 2015

Finishing School Quilt: England

Hello Peeps,

As most of you already know Miss H, Grandma, and I went to England in July. So Miss H decided to add a block to her Finishing School quilt to represent our adventure.

Miss H decided that the outline of the United Kingdom would make the perfect block to go in her quilt. Isn't it coolio?

She stitched it on with raw edge applique.
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. What a lovely way to remember your trip to England. Pretty fabric too! Christine x

  2. Great way to have a remembrance of your fun trip.

  3. What a great idea...the perfect keepsake of your trip to England!
    Helen xox

  4. Lots of lovely posts to catch up on: your quilt blocks are looking wonderful, I love the lamb one! Gorgeous pincushion in the little watering can too. xx