Monday, 6 October 2014

The road goes ever on...

Hello Peeps,

Last Friday Miss H, The Mother, Aunty S (who Miss H went to visit in India and is back for good now), and Me went for a road trip to Matamata.

The road trip started with hot chocolate, of course.

We paused along the way to stretch our legs and let the Enemy run around.

We had morning tea at the old Waharoa Butter Factory, which now has a very nice cafe in part of it.

The Mother got Citrus Slice, Aunty Susan got Louise Cake, and Miss H got Chocolate Cherry Slice. I was allowed to try them and they all tasted delicious. My favourite was the chocolate one.

But poor Aunty Susan and the Mother nearly died with how much tea was in their small teapot. It was jam packed with tea leaves.

Can you see me? I am sitting outside the Information Centre at Matamata. It looks just like a Hobbit house.

Hanging out with my mate Smeagol.

They had coolio pictures carved into the door frames, and several round doors. It was soooo awesome!

Doesn't it look lovely with the plants growing up the side of this window?

After visiting Aunty S's sister we went to Hobbiton (the one where the movies were shot) and had lunch. We didn't go see the actual movie set because we had to be home in time for dinner like true hobbitses.

Love From
Baa. xxx

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