Saturday, 18 October 2014

50th Birthday Quilt.

Hello Peeps,

Last Saturday I showed you the Mother's scrappy Hobo Quilt. Miss H also made a Hobo Quilt (but she couldn't stand all the scraps - Miss H is one of those people who likes the all the colours to match). So instead of using scraps she used all bright solids. She decided to make it for the Boss' 50th Birthday.

 Here is the Boss' quilt. He absolutely loves it. Whenever we have a family movie the Boss always wraps his quilt around him.

I thought I better get Miss H to photograph it with chocolate and coke because those are the Boss' two favourite things. (And this time Miss H did NOT sample the props!)

 Miss H added the yellow strips at the top and bottom because the Boss is tall and she didn't want his feet to get cold.

 This is my one of my favourite symbols on this quilt. I think it looks a bit like a tree with arms. It means "Man with a gun." The symbols helped warn the hobos if there was danger, or which direction to take, where they could get free food, what they had to do to earn food,and information about the trains, etc.

Miss H used polar fleece for the backing so that the quilt was very warm.

As soon as Miss H saw this fabric she knew that it would make the perfect border. 

Love From
Baa. xxx

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  1. Oh I love her quilt and the bright fabrics. Baa you look so sophisticated with your reading glasses.